Background to the Lake Naivasha basin

Lake Naivasha basin area is approximately 3,400km2, lying on the floor of Africa’s Eastern Rift Valley. It extends into the Mau Escarpment (3048masl) to the West and the Aberdare ranges (4000masl) to the East and the Eburru hills (2800masl) to the northeast of the Mau Escarpment. Lake Naivasha is one of a series of seven major Lakes in the Eastern Rift valley of Kenya. Administratively, the Lake Naivasha Basin is located in three counties namely; Nakuru, Nyandarua and Narok.

Lake Naivasha is a unique wetland of international importance i.e. a Ramsar site which supports important socioeconomic activities including intensive horticultural and floricultural production, livestock, geothermal power generation, and tourism and service industry. The lake is second- largest freshwater lake in Kenya

The Lake Naivasha is fed by two perennial rivers, the Malewa and the Gilgil, contributing to 80% and 20% of the total inflow respectively. The Karate River which drains the area east of the lake is seasonal and flows between 2 and 4 months in a year. The area south of the lake does not produce much runoff to the lake. The runoff from the west side of the lake doesn’t drain into the lake directly but it does feed the lake aquifer.

Background to the Water Resource Users association (WRUA)

Water Resource Users Association (WRUA) is an association of water users, water abstractors, riparian land owners and any other stakeholders who voluntarily come together to cooperatively manage water resources. WRUAs are formed through the water Act 2002, part III, section 15 (3) (e) as fora for conflict resolution and cooperatively managing water resources

Functions of a WRUA

  • Conflict resolution on water related issues
  • Cooperative management of water and other natural resources in the basin
  • Restoration of riparian land
  • Data collection on type and number of abstractors, level of abstraction, permit compliance among others
  • Monitoring and evaluation on water use

Lake Naivasha Basin Umbrella Water Resources Users association

Lake Naivasha Basin Umbrella Water Resource Users Association (LANABWRUA) is the body representing all the 12 WRUA’s in the Lake Naivasha Basin. The Association is registered with the office of the Attorney General under section 10 of the societies Act. The Association was registered on 5th day of November 2013.

LANABWRUA draws its membership from the 12 WRUAs in the Naivasha basin. The Association has a management committee that oversees its functions. The committee is composed of 10 gentle men and 5 Ladies to meet the one third gender rule. Women and youth participation in water resource management brings inclusiveness since women are mostly tasked to obtain this precious commodity for their families.

The Association has a constitution that guides its operations to enhance compliance and understanding of roles and responsibilities of each and every member


  • Act as forum for water resources related conflicts resolution and management within the Association in the Basin
  • Collaborative management of water resources in the basin
  • Lobby and advocate for WRUA’s interests with all stakeholders in water related management in the basin
  • Oversee performance and progress of the members of the Association.
  • Resource mobilization for the Association and its members.
  • Act as a linkage between the Association and its members, the Authority,relevant stakeholders and partners both nationally and internationally.
  • Represent member WRUAs in matters relating to water and natural Resources management

Examples of projects LANABWRUA has been supported by donors

  1. Integrated Water Resources Action Plan Programme 2013-16 (IWRAP) by Dutch government through WWF
  2. International Water Stewardship Programme 2013-16 (IWASP) by GIZ and Imarisha Naivasha
  3. Leading the Change 2018-2022 by SIDA through WWF-K

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